Few Secrets To Getting Rich

Having money and having wealth are 2 completely different things. Having money in the bank does not mean that you are wealthy, because a person’s wealth is not measured by how much money they have, but, their ability to create streams of income. Let’s repeat that again: a person’s wealth is not measured by how much money they have, but, their ability to create streams of income. So, if someone wins the lottery for example, they are not actually wealthy. They just have a lot of money! Think about it how many people won the lottery just to go back to being broke again…Being wealthy is about flow of income and not just money alone. Is about having money flow to your bank account consistently.

Think about this: let’s say that you are walking down the street with 100 bucks in your pocket, and you reach down to your pocket and the money it’s not there anymore. You lost your money! I’m sure that’s happened to a least a few of you. If you have an income right now you will eventually recover the money lost. Now, imagine being able to do this, imagine being able to spend money without worrying about running out -that’s what it means to be wealthy! When you have passive streams of income that go beyond what you spend. See, the majority of people focus on living around a set income. Let’s say that this person makes $5000 a month. So his focus becomes how can I live my life under these $5000. The world mentality things about how can they keep increasing my income to wear next month I make more than they did this month, and the following month I make even more, and always be constantly increasing your income. A great exercise to build your wealth mindset is to challenge yourself to make more money than you did last month no matter by how much. So let’s go over the 4 powerful rules of money and building wealth as we learn in one of my favorite and wealth building books the richest man in Babylon.

 Think about your income: what if I tell you that the money you make this month it’s not yours, you’re probably going to say… well Mr bettermen project, I worked really hard for that money! I earned it .But think about it if you have a house you’re paying your mortgage or your rent. So your bills, your car, your weekend get away and that the end of the month we are left with little to no money. He would basically work to pay somebody else, but ourselves. One of the most important rules of money and start building wealth is something that so many people neglect, the rule is to pay yourself and only pay yourself but pay yourself first before you spend money on anything else. To pay yourself at least 10 percent of your income and with today’s technology there’s even ways to automate your savings so you don’t forget. The great thing about this is that your brain is very adaptive and you can naturally adapt to live on 90 percent of your income- so secret number one of building wealth is to pay yourself first.

 What if I tell you I will send you $1.000.000 cash? You’ll be pretty excited, but I tell you there’s a catch you got to save this money and never ever use it. All of the sudden that money isn’t really worth anything to you. Money that will never be used has no value. Saving money is grades but if it sits under your mattress forever and all those and all of that money isn’t really worth anything! The second rule of money is to make your money work for you! Get your money a job. This is to use your money to invest whether you want to build a good stock portfolio or a real estate portfolio, or any other investment that you would like to know they can bring good returns. The purpose of your 10 percent is to use it to multiply -so secret number two – find your money a job. 

You’ve been saving your money and you are pumped to start investing, so you start putting your money into the markets, crypto, real estate, startups, your cousin’s mechanic shop… You’re excited to make your money multiply, but soon you realize that you’ve made some really bad investments and you lost all of your money. Many people lose a lot of their money while investing, because they ignored the third secret of getting rich. Money will slip away from those who invest in unfamiliar things. See, a lot of people could tell you to invest in crypto currency or real estate or the stock market, but the problem is that, yes, you can make money with all of those if you know what you’re doing. Putting your money into an unfamiliar investments is like gambling with your money because you have no knowledge on the investment. The first investment I recommend is to invest in educating yourself. Tony Robbins said that the best advice he’s ever gotten was to invest in focus on the developing himself more than anything else. That investment in yourself and your education will allow you to learn how to use your money in the most effective way. The best part of this is that we live in an era where we have access to the knowledge only the super wealthy used to have access to. Now it became much easier to interact with the very wealthy people than we ever had before. So investing in the vault in your knowledge and expertise in the areas that you’re interested in is the investment with the biggest R. O. Y. Something that I see mostly rich people take advantage of its secret number 4 and that is to protect your money invest under the advice of wise and experienced mentors. See, many people think they already know everything, so they start buying properties in investing in stocks, but you know what they say experience is the best teacher. And even if you have knowledge, you might still make a few mistakes along the way since you don’t have the experience. Something that we don’t want to do is lose our money in bad investments, so instead of putting yourself in a vulnerable position to make mistakes, you can find a mentor the house much more experience and can help you avoid costly mistakes. Something that I find fascinating, is that people want to be successful, we want to make money. They’re not willing to seek mentors who already know how to do it. So,the secret number 4 is to find experienced mentors that can help you avoid costly mistakes.

I am sure that you’ve noticed that today in the internet there are a lot of fake experts. People who just read a book and try to sell you a program on how to do the thing that they haven’t even done themselves. I see people selling investment products without being successful at investing or dating products from people who are not even putting themselves out there extracting other people. Something that I really hate to see is people losing their money buying these products from people who just want to make a quick bucks….

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