Do you want to lose weight? Drinking two glasses of red wine before bed may help you

Do you feel guilty having another one glass of wine? Rather than other alcohol options, wine has always held a slightly loftier position on the health totem pole, and now, once and for all,  science just may have proved it. 

These studies conducted by Harvard Medical School and Washington State University , have found that, before you head to bed, consuming two glasses of red wine could help you lose weight. 

Researchers honed in on the appetite-suppressing, fat-cell-fighting chemical Reservatrol, which is found in most wines.

This study was conducted over 13 years with around 30,000 women and found that those who consumed two glasses of wine daily (at least one glass at a later hour) were 70 per cent more likely to experience weight loss.

So, as long as it’s consumed in balanced diet and moderation and as part of a healthy, you probably don’t need to beat yourself up about a glass of wine here and there.

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