How Much Water Should We Drink a Day

How much water should we drink a day? It’s a great question, is a question that we commonly get asked. Most adults are under hydrated. We simply don’t drink enough water and not thinking about it. We think we are, but we actually sitting kind of how much water we drink, it’s all oftentimes not nearly enough. In terms of how much water should we drink a day? An easy goal is it our urine should kind of look like water. The moment our urine starts to get deep yellow in color, it’s our body telling us that our urine is very concentrated in that we need to be drinking more. What number should we think of? An easy number to remember is about 2 liters of water a day. That’s about 4 small bottles of water that we commonly by on the street, so each bottled water typically is about half a liter, so, it will be 4 of those throughout the day and that’s really important. Stay hydrated throughout the day. If come bed time we’re trying to catch up and we check a lot of water we’re probably just going to urinate that out. So the key is to stay hydrated throughout the day trying to get somewhere close to 2 liters throughout the day, and that should be enough.

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