What will happen to your body if you run everyday

What running every day can do to your body? From reduced risk of death to lower risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s there are so many terrific things a regular running routine hasn’t  store for you.

1. Higher longevity

If you run every day you may live longer than those who don’t. People who run on the regular have a 27 percent lower risk of death. According to more research, runners tend to live an additional 3 years compared to people who skip out. Studies have looked further into the claim that running can increase your lifespan. What was found, is that even as much as 3 minutes of running around your neighborhood can help you. Running is becoming increasingly more popular. One study has shown that going for 30 minutes, 5 days a week can help you live longer. Running every day will get you in shape, but you need to remember to take the proper precautions.

2. Strengthens your lungs

Now, long distance running may not be a great first choice for natural asthmatics, but if you’re looking to build up tolerance in your lungs, running is the ideal work out. When you first begin your routine, you’ll notice yourself running out of breath early. Overtime your breathing will grow in sync with your feet. This happens as your lungs learn to deliver air to your bloodstream quicker. Over time your lungs will become stronger and more efficient. This allows you to run for a longer period of time without getting winded. If you have sensitive lungs, try your best to get through the run. If you follow your routine and stop running entirely engaging in physical activity will get more difficult. So, once you begin your routine of running once a day, stick with it and your lungs will thank you.

3. Improves your mental health

Not only will your lungs become stronger, you’ll also gain strength mentally. Running every day will make you much happier. It’s mental health benefits are well documented. Studies have shown that running can reduce symptoms of depression. One particular piece of research focused on participants as they were broken off to do 3 separate exercise regimens, while all exercises improved their depressive symptoms at those who ran the show the most progress mentally. Constantly feeling worried, running each day can also reduce symptoms of anxiety. Some research has said that running has the same effect as certain medications.

4. Improves blood pressure

Struggling with your blood pressure? One of the more notable benefits of running every day is that you’ll maintain a decent level of blood pressure. When you run, your arteries expand becoming more flexible. This allows your blood to flow without obstruction. Also known as hypertension, regular exercise in general will raise your blood pressure temporarily only for it to lower back to normal. Experts say the quicker your blood returns to normal the healthier you are. Normal blood pressure is usually less than 120 over 80, so if you want to maintain a proper level start a regular running routine. 

5. Builds your legs

Have people been pointing out your cab saying your weight too skinny? It’s embarrassing isn’t it? Well, good news for you! This exercise can give you an amazing pair of runners legs, but you first need to remember some rules. The speed in which to build muscle depends on whether you’re sprinting or simply jogging. These exercises employed 2 different types of muscle fibers- the fast twitch and slow twitch, both have significantly different limitations. Long distance running uses slow twitch fibers. These aren’t as powerful as fast which but allow you to go long distances without getting winded. If you’re sprinting ,the fast twitch muscle will be used while it is stronger it tires out a little quicker. This is why you see sprinters with legs that look like tree trunks. So, if you’d like these kind of legs, take a page out of their book.

6. Lowers the risk of disease

Running every day will reduce your chances of developing certain illnesses. Remember earlier when we mentioned that it can lower your risk of heart attack or stroke? Well, there’s so much more it can protect you from, including cancer. General exercises said to reduce your risk of cancer. It’s also said that running prevents Alzheimer’s. One study showed that people who ran 15 miles a week had a 40 percent lower risk of developing the disease. The physical exercise was increasing the function of their brain and improving cognitiveability. A consistent running routine also provides your immune system with strength. For many years researchers believe that the opposite was true. It was thought that running too often could lead you weak and vulnerable to germs. This left you at risk of disease. But this belief has been debunked runners are actually left with a strengthened immune system.

7. Improve sleep

Yes, cancer and Alzheimer’s are on many of our minds but to escape life’s worries we often just need a proper sleep. Running every day can lend a hand. A study was conducted on a group of adolescents who ran 30 minutes each morning for 3 weeks. By the end of the show improvement not only in mood and cognitive function, but they’re sleeping ability. So, if you feel as if your lack of snoozing is getting in the way of your life you should put a running schedule together.

8. You lose weight

This is enough to help all of us throwing on a running shoes and heading out the door, not before stretching of course. Running every day will help you lose weight, you just need to stick to your routine for the best results. Research has shown that runners tend to be skinnier and in better shape than people who participate in different workouts. Now the question on most of our minds usually pertains to how much weight you can actually lose. Even if you run every day the results vary from person to person. First you need to take note of how many calories you’re consuming. If you’re looking to lose 1.a week experts recommend cutting 3500 calories out. You can achieve a calorie deficit by eating fewer or burning more while running either way you still should be watching your diet. This means, smaller portions of high fat high calorie foods. Add this to your daily running routine and you will gradually see a difference when you step on the scale. Just remember to know your limit and not overwork yourself. 

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