A Treasure Hunt!

Till now, in all this period of Covid 19 Pandemic, most of us have been social distancing and staying at home for over a two month due to the coronavirus.

Most of the people begin feeling the distance between our personal family, but also our friends and neighbours for a long period. While the occasional virtual meeting with friends on FB or Viber, or maybe virtual drink with our co-workers does wonders for accomplish some of that normal social need, you’re for sure still disappointed missing all the normal daily fun, outdoor activities in spring and summer you had planned before the pandemic came. But, is not all lost.

While the United States – and many other countries of the world – continues to battle with the new Covid 19 virus, there are plenty of safe and funny ways to get outside and enjoy the coming spring and summer.

While we, for sure, wish to enjoy a weekend camping trip with our closest friends, or maybe the annual family BBQ in the garden, the health and safety of our nation rely on our responsibility to social distancing.

In the meanwhile, try out some of these fun outdoor activities while we are all together in Covid 19 pandemic state of emergency.

A Treasure Hant!

Most of the countries in the United States are still under shelter in place and travel ban orders. But, a lot of them also said that the citizens can still go outside in the areas around their houses. You should keep in mind though that you probably can’t go too much far because of the rules. However – you can still find a new hobby in the confines of the area around your home, like, for example –   geocaching.

You wonder – What exactly is geocaching? It` simple, it’s a treasure hunt.

As some of the treasure hunting experts explain, geocaching represent a game that initial twenty years ago. It uses GPS coordinates to help the treasure hunters find the geocaches in the places near their homes. They also explain that – a geocache is defined as a hidden container that includes, for example a logbook.

That logbook keeps track of each person who has found this geocache.

This game of geocaching began in May 2000, at the beginning – with only 75 hidden treasures. At this moment, there are well over 1 million hidden geocaches.

Every week, around 6,500 new geocaches are hidden and 1.4 million log entries are filed at the Geocaching website online.

You can simply a GPS device to search around for treasure underground or invest in some metal detector, which can provide you a different entertainment beyond geocaching. You can find also great online information and helpful tips that you can use to aid in your geocaching quests.

The best part in this game is that you can go treasure hunting alone or with your S.O. You can enjoy time outside while still following the health and safety guidelines of your country.

Good Luck!

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