Tea and Honey Early in the Morning!

Honey is a sweet fluid produced by bees, using the nectar from different types of flowers.

It is categorized by its color – form clear, golden amber honey, to the darker varieties.

The precise flavor of a different types of honey – will change – based on the sorts of flower from which the nectar was harvested.

From ancient times – honey is respected and valued as a natural ingredient – used for its sweetness, energy and different potential health benefits. Today, it is mainly used for human consumption and daily diet.

In the past decade find his place also in production of variety of cosmetics. In the stores you can find it as pure honey, or, as an added ingredient in other food products – such as desserts, cereals and juices.

The long and hard journey from bee – to bottle begins with flowers. Honeybees collect the nectar from different types of flowers, and after that begins the process – enzymes in bee saliva break down the sugar into glucose and fructose which will be stored in honeycombs to feed the hive during the winter. In the honeycomb – during this process – excess water evaporates through constant fanning from the bee’s wings. The result from this long and hard journey is the sticky liquid that we know as honey.

Various Types of Honey

There are more than 300 different types of honey produced worldwide.

They all have different color, aroma and flavor which depend from the plant or flower source where bees collect nectar.

Some of the most popular types of honey are Manuka and acacia honey.

Honey can be mainly categorized into raw, and processed honey. When the honey is extracted from the hive – first of all, it gets strained in order to remove the wax and other non – honey ingredients. After this process – it`s available in its raw form, which can be further heated and bottled to be available as processed honey. In this form is most commonly available in stores in United States. With this process of heating and bottling are removed some potential pathogens, but also, some of the vitamins and antioxidants present only in raw honey.

Few Fast Facts on Honey That You Should Know

Honey is well known for its wound – healing properties and antibacterial action.

It has been used in medicine from ancient times, for more than 5.000 years.

Honey is used to replace sugar in meals because it provide a healthier option.

It is not recommended to give honey to children under 12 months old.

Honey Can Heal Wounds and Burns

There are numerous cases in which a lot of individuals have reported and confirmed positive effects of using honey in treating wounds.

A recent research published by The Cochrane Library suggest that honey can also be able to help heal burns. The main author of this study, in one part, said that: topical honey is cheaper than other interventions, notably oral antibiotics, which are usually used and may have other side effects.

Honey Is Rich in Antioxidants

High-quality honey is rich with many important antioxidants. These honey contain organic acids and phenolic ingredients like flavonoids.

Scientists confirmed that the combination of these compounds gives honey its antioxidant power.

It is also good to know that – two studies have shown that buckwheat honey increases the antioxidant levels in your blood.

And of course, antioxidants are always linked to the possibility to decrease a risk of heart attacks, strokes and some types of cancer. They can also promote your eye health.

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