Negative Work Environment?!

A new research made by The University of Manchester discovered that persons who changed from unemployment into a new – poor quality work, actually, become more chronically depressed than the people who remained without a job.

This study help to reinforce a quiet yet shady concern that has increasingly troubled the modern professional. The ill health of regularly working in a negative work environment.

Your Work Environment Can Damage Your Mental Health

Of course, there are many malefactors that have been discovered when it comes to the point what exactly effects of a negative work environment – can have on the personal mental health.

It’s good to enumerate a few of the dominantways that a toxic job can do to your mind:

Yours Travel to and Coming Back From Work

Usually – the stress and strain begins at the beginning of the day. The stress, duration, and of course – the expense of traveling to work – on a regular basis, can have a big effect on your mood, way of thinking and emotions – as you begin and end each day at work.

Incivility at Work

When you arrived in your toxic work office – things can very quickly move from bad – to worse. One of the first causes of big mental stress in the working place is the simple reason that employees are not always respected well by their employers orcolleague.

A recent study shows that almost half of the workers – when asked – replied that they had been treated impolitely at work at least once or more times per month. This negative comportment impacts seriouslyon the mental state of everyone involved.

Burnout at Office

A new study discovered that the Americans expects very high levels of commitment to an employer and a company. This study also proved that as much as 40% of United States and Canadian office workers feeling burned regularly. Burnout can for sure be physical in nature, but the struggle is largely a mental one as well.

Remote Work

Even this is not always the solution for this problem. Working from home does not always resolve the issue of a negative work environment. The worker from home can still mentally suffer from screen usage for a long period, sometimes – poor lighting and ventilation, or even a lack of work-life balance.

How To Improve Your Mental Health at Work

For sure, there are lot of reasons to feel yor self mentally unhealthy from work.

But always – remains in the hands of you or the employee – to try to do your best to resolve the situation. A good manager and a socially responsible employer always make an effort to help their employees. At the end of the day – it’s up to you to make the best to improve the situation.

Here are some tips to help you make return your mental wellness again.

Create a Morning Routine

Be sure that you have a good morning routine at home. Make some morning activities that help you wake up and get ready always with a positive attitude. For example – sitting in your garden with your coffee. Or maybe starting a fire in the fireplace. Or, if you like meditating and praying. Go for a run, take a shower – or something else that helps you start your day, let`s say – on the right foot.

Prepare Yourself

Always think first on your physical health.

If you feel physically well you will be able to menage mental stresses and strains easier. Eat well in the morning, exercise regularly, and create a good sleep routine that is conected to your professional work needs.

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