Fresh Arugula on Your Table: Great Source of Vitamin K and Calcium!

This delicious and highly nutritious plant is also known as rocket, or sometimes – rocket lettuce, roquette or rucola in Italian.

The Latin name of this healthy salad is Eruca Sativa.

Arugula, in fact – is a Mediterranean green salad with a specific peppery flavor and aroma.

As a plant, it can provides numerous health benefits because it is very rich in various vitamins.

Salad greens, or mostly known as the leafy green vegetables, are exquisite for cooking, or traditionally – to be consumed raw.

Even that iceberg lettuce has been for long time favorite greensalad in the United States, every time – there are different nutritious options that are available – including arugula.

Just same like the others dark and mostlyflavorful leafy green plants and vegetables – rocket is very low in calories. That`s why Arugula is an excellent dietary choice when you’re trying to reduce or maintain a perfect and healthy body weight.

With only 8 calories per 2 serving, fresh arugula has actually no impact on your daily calorie intake.

In fact – all the nutrient full leafy green plants can provide you a necessary daily intake of vitamins A, K and C, folate, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and several others beneficial phytochemicals.

Clinical trials and studies has confirmed that the rocket goes just over 600 on the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index – or ANDI – a special tool that ranks foods by its nutrient density, or the amount of micronutrients provided in relation to calorie content.

According to the research from ANDI – arugula is between the list of the top 10 Most nutrient dense foods.

Rocket salad is at last 30 percent more full with nutrient than the cabbage, and almost 50 percent more nutrient dense than cauliflower.

Of course – this confirms that adding this delicious leafy green vegetable to your diet can helps you to control calories, without sacrificing nutrition.

Nutrition Facts

According to the nutrient database of the United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) – a cup of the rocket salad or arugula which is weighing around 20 grams (g) can contains approximately only 5 calories.

20 grams of rocket salad also contains:

-0.516 g of protein

-0.132 g of fat

Other study – according to an adult’s daily nutritional goals, set out in the FDA’s daily values (DV), 20 grams of rocketper day, will provide you:

27.7% of vitamin K

3.2% of calcium

2.5% of vitamin C

Arugula, in the same time, also contains daily recommended intake of iron, folate, magnesium and potassium.

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